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Columbus Zoo

A few weekends ago I went to the zoo with my family. And I decided I wanted to see what i could do with just a single prime lens. Normally I end up carrying around a bag of toys with me, but this time I wanted to focus on my niece and see what I could do with limited equipment. So all I had was my Nikon and 85mm. I got some great images.

Of course i forgot my circular polarizer filter! so you can see this reflection interrupting the cute water jump.

But even with that I still captured some adorable polar bear images!

My Niece Logan got to brush a goat!

And the Red Panda briefly came out. I was wishing for a zoom lens at this point.

Otters always give me the feels.

The penguins pretended to be interested in the water but never dived in.

And a few final images for cute and cuddly!

xoxo, Raven




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