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Open your wings, and fly.

Photography and Art of Raven Cornelius.



Not ready for the wild side? I can also make you look stunning in portraits, make your branding swing, capture the sweetness of a pet or let your families softer side shine.  


Feel like letting out a little dark goddess or animal spirit? Want to show off how sensual you already are? All types and genders are able to rock themselves and get into a little dirty fun. 

Always welcoming new clients, new ideas and some wild side. 


It's true, I can do more than take stunning photographs. I also spend time making fantasy and science fiction illustration.  Let's roll into some sea dragons and splash around! 


All of the best photos of me have been taken by Raven.  I’m not sure how she does it, but she manages to capture the emotion of the moment along with visual images.  She’s also a joy to work with and makes potentially awkward situations feel completely natural.  I love working with her!


I’d been thinking of having boudoir photos done for a while, but was super nervous about the whole idea. I finally chose to step out of my comfort zone when I heard that Raven was getting into the art and met with her. We discussed what I wanted out of it and she was very realistic with me about what we could and couldn’t do in a sitting. She listened to me, gave suggestions, and when we settled on the date to shoot, suggested what to bring.

The day of I was pretty nervous, but Raven was incredibly understanding. She talked to me the entire time and encouraged me. She seemed to always be shooting and one of my favorite photos of the day was one where she had made me laugh at something and caught me in the moment. That photo really captured me and I think I look absolutely beautiful in it. I had a lot of fun during the shoot and by the time I left, I felt incredibly sexy.

I love the results of my photos and would absolutely shoot with Raven again.  I definitely encourage you to step out of your own comfort zone and trust her to capture you.


In addition to being a talented and creative artist in multiple media, Raven is also an exceptional portrait photographer. She's done our family photographs for several years and has a knack for catching people in just the right moment, giving us portraits that go beyond the simple "everyone wear similar shirts and smile at the camera" shots I see all over the place. Everyone I've ever shown our photos to is impressed and wants to know who the photographer was. I promise you won't be disappointed with her work.