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Aloha, I’m Raven!

I am an artist who loves to work in many mediums, but primarily these days I work with photography. But I also do digital art, acrylic paintings, miniature painting, videography and needle felting. I graduated with a BFA from Columbus College of Arts and Design full of hope to be an animator, but that didn’t go as planned.


About 10 years ago I was sexually assaulted and my life has changed dramatically since then. My work has changed and how active I am in creating new works ebs and flows in ways I don’t always like.


Right now I am slowly making progress towards publishing a book dedicated to Red Pandas, my love for them, and education. You can see some of the possible photos going into that book on this site! It will eventually launch either on kickstarter or indiegogo, depends when the time comes which feels right.


I currently live with my primary partner in San Antonio Texas, I love to travel and attempt to visit my “homes” in Syracuse NY and Columbus OH when I am able. We also have two adorable cats which tend to get featured on my Instagram.


I love reading sci fi and urban fantasy. I enjoy comic books, mostly those with a focus on storytelling these days, although I started in the 90s with the X-Men. (well, actually I started earlier than that with Scrooge lol)

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